Animals and Healing: 
The Alternative Solution to a Healthy and Happy Pet

"Do alternative methods actually work for animals and healing their problems?"

I can happily answer from my own experience--yes! What traditional medicine may fail to address, alternative solutions can help for your animals and healing. EFT, energy healing, flower essences, herbal remedies and other alternative modalities can help restore your animals to their healthy, authentic and loving selves. The best part is that these are natural, non-invasive, and you can easily learn how to use them!

"When there is emotional trauma, inexplicable illness, or when conventional medicine fails to get rid of symptoms it is a call for help. Something deeper is needed to heal."-Sonia Ramos

It can be scary and frustrating to not know what is causing so much pain to your animal companions or how to fix it. I've been down that same road, too. Traditional medicine can help relieve symptoms but still treats animals and healing from the perspective of the purely physical level. This means that the core root of a disease or illness may not be properly addressed or healed where the problem really began. By identifying the true source of our animal's physical, emotional, or mental issue we can work towards health that will last a lifetime--not just a temporary solution.

If it feels like nothing is working and you've tried everything conventional therapies and medicine have to offer, trust me when I say that there is another way! 

Results of Animals and Healing

Through various types of alternative healing modalities I have been able to aid my small dog in healing her allergies, colds, infections, fleas, and emotional issues. A relative's hyper-active and anxious lab was able to release their fear and remain calm thanks to energy healing. Flower Essences helped a friend's cat to emotionally process the grief from a death of a sister.

My own experience throughout many years with animals and healing have shown wonderful results. It truly proves to me just how receptive animals are to receiving healing on all levels. I'm filled with joy to see how happily they return to their natural state of joy and love.

My goal is to help share my knowledge and methods about animals and healing with whoever it may benefit. I am not a licensed health practitioner and everything on this website is intended for educational purposes only.

Here we look at an animal's physical and emotional illness from an alternative perspective. Explore types of alternative healing methods that, when used by themselves or in conjunction with your pet's existing medical treatment, can begin to help with your animals and healing.

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